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JakobCHR's Download Page

Currently the only way to download the following material:

Christensen, Jakob: "1-D Steady-State Neutronics Thermal-Hydraulics model of a SBWR", MS Thesis, Department of Fluid Mechanics, Technical University of Denmark, AFM-EP 95-05, August 1995.

Christensen, Jakob:"Numerical Modeling of Mixing in Large Stably Stratified Enclosures using TRACMIX++", PhD Dissertation, Department of Nuclear Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, 2003. (600p)

is via e-mail. To request the material, click on DOWNLOAD.
This DOWNLOAD link will produce an E-mail window. In the subject line please indicate what it is you want me to send to you. It would make me happy to know in what context you intend to use the material (we scientists are curious, you know.....).

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