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MS work at The Technical University of Denmark

One of the substantial results of my Master of Science studies at the Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby is my 229 pages Master's Thesis 1-D Steady-State Neutronics Thermal-Hydraulics model of a SBWR which includes a detailed description of models used for the steady-state neutronics and thermal-hydraulics of the primary coolant loop. Furthermore, a detailied description of numerical methods used for solving the coupled neutronics thermal-hydraulics problem is presented. The modeling and numerical algorithms described in my Master's Thesis lay the foundations of the computer code for solving the coupled model. The computer code  was also written during the course of the 1 year Master's project and consists of more than 20,000 lines of C source code.

My Master's Thesis is available for on-line browsing. The on-line version was generated using the LaTeX2html program package. While not perfect it gives a very good representation of the printed version. If you find the thesis interesting I would still recommed the printed version which may be obtained by downloading the postscript version. The only condition for downloading and printing the MS Thesis is that the copyright statement is kept in the printed version and that the copyright statement is obeyed.

"1-D Steady-State Neutronics Thermal-Hydraulics model of a SBWR":

On-line version.

Postscript version:   project.ps (2.8MB)

Compressed postscript version (using gzip):   project.ps.gz (672 kB)


Should you have any comments on my MS thesis or would like to use parts of it feel free to E-mail me!

I might make binaries of the MS thesis computer code available for download in the future if there is a demand.
As described in detail in my MS thesis the computer code can simulate the (steady-state) behavior of a SBWR using 1-D neutronics with fuel temperature and void reactivity feedback and 1-D thermal-hydraulics.  
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